Welcome to the personal website of Brett Gilio. I am a programmer and researcher in compiler construction, formal methods, constructive mathematics, type theory, category theory, and intuitionistic logic. I am also passionate about software freedom, functional programming, deterministic software, type safety, and enthusiastically opposing framework-driven programming.

In addition to mathematics and computer science, I have formal education or extensive personal study in both analytic and continental philosophy, as well as political philosophy, biological sciences, musicology, music theory, history and philosophy of science, and performance art.

My blog will feature a wide-variety of topics, from my personal computing habits, ruminating thoughts on mathematics and computer science, as well as the occassional post from the other topics I have mentioned above.


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Ascendancy vs. Reserve

Why is biodiversity ‘good’? To what extent is this sort of goodness even relevant to ecosystems—as opposed to us humans? I’d like to study this mathematically. To do this, we’d need to extract some answerable questions out of the morass of subtlety and complexity. For example: what role does biodiversity play in the ability of […]


Strategic Deriving

A comprehensive guide for deriving in Haskell

Kowainik Blog

TOFU recommendations for Gemini

I will have more to say about Gemini in the future, but for now, I wanted to write up some details about one thing in particular: the trust-on-first-use algorithm I implemented for my client, gmni. I think you should implement this algorithm, too! First of all, it’s important to note that the Gemini specification explicitly mentions TOFU and the role of self-signed certificates: they are the norm in Geminiland, and if your client does not support them then you’re going to be unable to browse many sites. Ho…

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