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1 What has changed?

A few changes have taken place on my website, ranging from stylistic differences to a new domain! This is a very brief post to update the readers of what is different, ranked from most to least important.

1.1 Domain

The original domain name,, is no longer in use. This original domain name was intended to be temporary, and was registered through Freenom. After a conversation I had with a friend it was brought to my attention that Freenom will happily sell your active and registered domain name to somebody else if they are willing to pay a small fee. While this should not be surprising (as nothing on the web is truly free), it was enough of an impetus to provoke a more drastic change.

From now on the website will now be hosted on

If you follow my RSS feed, or use openring or org-webring, please accordingly update the URL to the RSS feed pointing to

1.2 Index

The index page is mostly complete (sparing a possible revision of the “About” section). The changes here are mostly for desktop users, where the About/Contact portions have been arranged in a 66%/33% column orientation with some padding.

It was suggested to me to add a total blogfeed to the navigation bar, and only keep the most recent n-number of posts on the index page. This is under consideration.

1.3 Projects

I have overhauled the <detail> element setup in favor of something more straight-forward. However, I am still not overly pleased with this current arrangement either. If you have any suggestions (or examples) of a better layout please drop me an email to ~brettgilio/ or

1.4 Remove MathJax

I have jostled with the idea of how best to embed mathematical notation exported from TeX. I have a few W.I.P posts for the blog on Category Theory, Type Theory, and more which need some way of displaying notation. For awhile I was pretty set on MathJax, but I feel this solution just slowed down my website noticeably.

Currently I am looking into other options, such as embedding SVG. If you have other suggestions (perhaps how best to use MathML), please drop me an email!

Have a response?

Responses and discussion pertaining to any of the blog entries on my website are welcome! Start a discussion on the mailing list by sending an email to ~brettgilio/


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