EmacsConf 2020 & My Submission

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1 Supporting Our Community

The GNU Emacs community is once again holding EmacsConf! This (mostly annual) online conference has been a centerpoint for GNU Emacs lovers, users, and supporters as we can come together and identify our point of unison. EmacsConf is the moment where we can share what it is about this extensible, and free software powertool of 40-years that makes it so dear to us. Thanks to the work of Amin Bandali et al., we are afforded yet another opportunity to share the successes, and discuss the pain points of this incredible Lisp environment.

With GNU Emacs 27.11 being in the background of 2020, we have a unique opportunity to workshop and showcase yet another iteration of this environment. Additionally, we will hopefully see demonstrations of up and coming features that are working on alternate branches, and hopefully merged into GNU Emacs 28.

This year will be particularly exciting, with the conference spanning two days and many high quality submissions (so I hear). The format will resemble EmacsConf of the previous year2. Presumably it will open with a panel of leaders in the development and community organization of GNU Emacs (likely with Sacha Chua3 providing the community update, and one of the maintainers providing the development update). This will likely be followed by traditional format presentations, and lightning talks from the users of GNU Emacs discussing ideas of how specific aspects of GNU Emacs enhances their computing.

If you are a GNU Emacs user, or somebody curious about GNU Emacs (or Lisp) it is of great importance that you consider supporting EmacsConf by attending. The best thing we can do to support this conference is to talk about it! Share the links with your friends, especially if they do not use GNU Emacs. This will vitalize a possibility of more people joining this lively-yet-insular community, and ensure that GNU Emacs is carried into the future.

It is likely most of the content in EmacsConf will be prerecorded, with the presenter giving a live Q&A on IRC. You will be able to join the discussion at #emacsconf on You can join the channel from your favorite IRC client (or via

2 My Submission

Awhile ago, I submitted a proposal for a lightning talk. Recently, I learned that my proposal has been accepted! I have never given a talk at a conference before, and I am both excited and nervous about the prospect. The topic I had in mind was to present about a recent project of mine which makes use of Org-mode4, called org-webring5, 6, 7.

In preparation for the conference, other contributors and I have been polishing org-webring for demonstration. We have implemented some fancy, but not distracting CSS as well as post-pinning support. There remains some needed work on adding HTML tag exceptions to the sanitizer (which is currently rather abrasive), reducing code duplication, making post-pinning a little smarter about variations in URLs, and polish up the planet functionality.

Additionally, I am looking forward to examining the code, how the HTML is being generated, and why such a utility may be useful for enhancing your webpage (even if you are not using org-pubish.el for your website).

If you are using org-webring on your webpage, I am looking for examples to include in my presentation! I would love to see it used with variations in the provided stylesheet, and in creative contexts. Please send me an email to!

3 The Presentation

Sometime after the conference the videos will be published for the public to enjoy. Once that happens, a video of my talk will be found somewhere around here ;).

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